This was about the formation of the Environmental Area and the Enhancement of Facades of Buildings around the Olympic Weight Lifting Hall. Public squares, footpaths, green - environmental parks were developed. These areas were formed to contribute to the usage of the Hill, to the usage of the Olympic Weight Lifting Hall and to operate as an ACTIVATOR of the many and various poles of attraction of the Hill which are mainly the Weight Lifting Hall, and the open ''Katrakio'' Theater. The Enhancement of Facades concern a building of historical importance (Arxontaki Building), that having prominent place in the area, namely, at the main entrance of Hill and next to the Weight Lifting Hall, it was emphasized necessary the intervention to be radical and substantive and in such a way that the building will make CREDIT to the broader area.

Our Company undertook and delivered successfully, the development of the surrounding area of the Governor Building of Prefecture of Lakonia. It has a plot of 43.300 m2, and was developed with

particular cultural and social character, offering a friendly and spacy environment to the citizens, and enables exhibitions,  performances and festivals. Also 274 Parking areas were formed.

The purpose of this project was to stimulate commercialization of P. Tsaldari street,  creating easy access for walking and buying safely in a qualitatively upgraded contour area. The project included the reconstruction of the road, the sidewalk and the passegaway surfaces with considerable strong and excellent aesthetic materials, the formation of accessibility for Disable people, the Construction of limited time parking areas, the construction of street furniture benches, litter bins, lights, barriers and guardrails, signs, etc, of high quality and aesthetic materials, and the development of new planting.

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