This was a project that upgraded the quality of life in Piraeus, involved the construction of a swimming – pool, according to the olympic specifications with tiers of seats for water-polo and swimming, other sports facilities such as tennis courts, basketball courts, squash, swimming pool for youngsters as well as the rearrangement of the surrounding area in Kastella - Piraeus. The study and construction of the sports center involved the most suitable specifications for its use by disable people.

Formation and landscaping of the area of the Start Up Area of Classic Marathon Race . It covers approximately 58.000 sq metres of area, and the company undertook the formation of the area with Shuttles, VIP and Media Buildings, Locker rooms, Indoor Gym, Football Fields, Basketball Courts, Parking Areas, Footbridges,  Environmental Parks, the Building of the Marathon Start Race and an important part of the Marathon Course Itself.

The Minister of Public Works, Mr G. Souflias emphasized: <<We are at the Classic Marathon Start Race venue........All of us we can see that it is a very beautiful, simple and specialize customized to the Marathon Race Contest. It covers approximately 58 .000 sq meters of area, and it is a formation of all that surface area with shuttles, VIP and Media Buildings, Changing Room Buildings, Indoor Gym, Football Fields, Basketball Courts. It is a very complete project .I would like to congratulate all these who contributed to that effort. But above all believe me i want to congratulate the construction company itself. We are all glad for that magnificent project. I believe that the Start of the Marathon Race is the Start of making the most Successful Olympic Games.>>