Hania - Crete Social Security Fund is a multistorey building with total Building- area of 7000 sq. metres. It serves the insured of Social Security Fund (IKA) citizens of the area of Hania - Crete, with health and administrative services. The health services cover Medical Offices (Pathologic, Paedriatic, Gynaecologic, Surgic, Dermatologic, Cardiologic, Dental e.t.c) and also Medic Labs (Microbiologic and Actinologic e.t.c).

This project was divided in two phases. In the first phase the company undertook the construction of a new Management building of an overall area of 2500 m² and in the second phase the complete re-arrangement  - reconstruction of the existing medical – examinations building.

This project was about the renovation and rearrangement of the Rehab Center Building, located at Notara st., Piraeus, in order to accommodate the methadone treatment unit of the Organization against Drugs (OKANA). The building had been erected in 1979-80 and was used as office spaces. The renovation and full rearrangement of the building was extended to its all structural parts, including the surrounding area, and all the required steps for the construction of the electromechanical facilities were taken.

The company undertook to reconstruct and modernize the 9th and 10th floor of the AHEPA building of the General Hospital of Athens Evagellismos. This is a project organized as part of the Olympic Games and includes the full reconstruction, in regards to building and electromechanical facilities, of the two floors, of an overall surface of 1800 m2, as well as the construction of a new thermal substation (steam productive).