It is a center offering both health and administrative services. It serves the insured of Social Security Fund (IKA) citizens, which are close to the area of Keramikos in Borough of Athens. That is a multistorey building with basement, and it has a total Building area of 5000 sq. metres. It covers Medical Offices (Pathologic, Pediatric, Gynecologic, Surgic, Dermatologic, Cardiologic, Dental e.t.c) and has Medic Labs (Microbiologic and Actinologic e.t.c). Also, it offers any sort of administrative services for the insured (Pension Fund, Grants). Our company has made both the Design and the Construction of the Project.

This is a Multistorey Building with 2 basements and it has a total Building-Figuration of 3500 sq. metres. Our company has made both the Design and the Construction of this Project

This project was about the completion and full renovation of the building which is situated at 21, Akadimias St., and where the Administrative Offices of the Branch of the Social Security Fund (IKA) of Syntagma Square are situated. This building has 8 floors and includes two basements. The first basement was turned into archives spaces whereas the mechanical facilities were placed on the second floor. Οn the first floor where there is an entrance hall and a refreshment room, an arcade of a width of four meters was constructed. Floors 2-6 are typical floors, which have been built for several offices such as register desks, services, financial departments, income, -expenses and management offices respectively. The last floor has become the section of administrative means.

Our Company undertook and successfully delivered, the design and construction of the 9000 m2 Governor Building of Prefecture of Lakonia. It is a two – storey building, developed in a land of 43.300 m2, and Includes office areas, service areas and public assembly room. An Area of 4 acres approximately in front of the building of the Prefecture stood for cultural activities with an outdoor theater and an exhibition area.

TAXY building (Hotel Employees Fund) was the former Hotel  Akadimos located in the centre of Athens, Ippokratous and Akadimias Str. Its a nine Storey Building that was reconstructed by our Company and has 3800 sq. metres Building-Figuration. That building has been reconstructed, reinforced, and was formed in such a way to be able of offering central administrative services to Hotel Employees Fund.

Kiato Social Security Fund is is a multistorey building of 2000 sq. metres total area. It is a center offering both health and administrative services and scopes to serve the insured citizens of Kiato.

Ierapetra - Crete Social Security Fund is a center of two separate buildings with total Building  area  of 2000 sq. metres. The First Building offers Health Services and the Second Administrative Services. Our Company undertook both the Design and the Construction of this Project.