The project was about reconstruction, renovation and modernization of a total Building area of 2000 sq. meters. Using specialized methods and reinforcing the existing structure, floor additions were also made to the existing building.

It is a center offering both health and administrative services and it serves the insured of Social Security Fund (IKA) citizens of the area of Atalanti. It is a center offering both health and administrative services. It is a building of 2000 sq. metres total area. Its a multistorey building with basement and it covers Medical Offices (Pathologic, Paediatric, Cynaecologic, Dermatologic, Cardiologic, Dental e.t.c) and has Medic Labs (Microbiologic and Actinologic e.t.c).

The objective of this project was to repair the damages occurred to the port authority building of the Port of Piraeus Organization from the earthquakes on 07/09/1999. Following an autopsy by our company’s experts, several problems have been observed to the building structure, such as: Detachment of brickwork from the supporting elements of the building, serious cracks on brickwork and supporting elements, detachment of marble flooring, tiles, wall bases, serious erosion of reinforcement, discoloration. To make this building usable, our company carried out a number of works, such as: Demolition of defect brickwork, construction of new one, repair with suitable resin-bonds, special concrete and new reinforcement of the concrete structure, restoration of flooring, wall bases, colouring, repair of aluminium, replacement of window panes, repair of cracks on the supporting elements, restoration of electrical facilities where cracks were observed.