• Project Management & Construction

    We are one of the most important, project management and construction companies in Greece,  delivering High quality Projects, on time and budget.

    We bring our expertise across a broad range of sectors, Commercial office, Healthcare, Art & Culture, Education, Residential, Sport & Leisure, Defence, Energy & Industrial, Infrastructure, Urban & Environmental, Technology & Telecommunication.

  • Asset & Property Management

    The Company has established itself as one of the most successful privately owned property development and investment companies in Greece. Our Current Portfolio comprises a range of developments across all property sectors and we have built up impressive expertise in managing properties and assets.


  • Development

    We are one of the most important developers in the country, working across a number of sectors: Apartments, Commercial Offices, Banks, Summerhouse Villas, Hotels.

  • Infrastructure Construction

    The company has singificant experience and expertise in the field of construction of infrastructure projects gained through its dynamic participation to major infrastructure projects in Greece and over the years. Our infrastructure business has worked, across a wide range of sectors, including marine and ports, airports, energy, water, roads and bridges, telecommunications, defence, industrial.

  • Advisory Services

    Our advisory services offer a broad range of expertise and sustainable solutions.  We work to create shared value for our clients and the broader community.


  • Art & Culture

    Our company has built, redeveloped and refurbished landmark cultural facilities: Museums, Byzantine Churches, Listed Buildings and delivered Projects of major historic importance such as the unification of Archaeological Sites of Athens.

  • Energy & Industrial

    The Company has significant experience in industrial, energy and electromechanical projects and offers integrated solutions covering design, construction, testing, operation, and maintenance.

  • Urban & Environmental

    Urban and Environmental Projects contribute towards the upgrading and improvement of the quality of life. The company has conducted very significant Urban and Environmental Projects, such as the revival of Psifta Lake, a Project of great ecological importance.

  • Technology & Telecommunications

    The Company has developed the Fiber Optics Network of one of the greatest telecommunication companies of the Country.

  • Sports & leisure

    The company has constructed a variety of sport facilities, Football Stadiums, Basketball Courts, Indoor Gyms, Swimming Training Centres over the years, and has delivered the most important sport facility of Athens Olympic Games 2004, the Start up Area of Classic Marathon Race.

  • Healthcare

    Company’s long experience in the construction industry, is transferred to improve the Healthcare Services of the Country, on the basis of accommodation and technological equipment.

  • Defence

    The Company has developed important projects of the Ministry of Defence in all Country, such as Aircraft Hangars, Underground Command Offices and Telecommunication Centers, Firefighting Networks, Dormitories, Aircraft Run-up Floors.

  • Commercial office

    Our Company provides cutting-edge commercial office buildings, of High Architectural Demand and Specifications, such as Digea’s Offices Building, and the Governor Building of Prefecture of Lakonia.

  • Education

    The Company has developed numerous Educational Facilities, having basic principle at the stage of design to develop environmentally friendly, pleasant and functional structures.

  • Infrastructure

    Our Company has Dynamic Participation to major infrastructure Projects over the years, including marine and ports, airports, energy, water, roads and bridges, telecommunications, defence, industrial.